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SnapKey: Freedom: 6th March 2019

Without freedom, democracy crumbles like a house of cards

In my recent Perspective article (click here to read it) I talked about the banning of my website’s link on Facebook and Instagram. It felt appropriate that today’s SnapKey be along those lines.

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SnapKey: Revamp: 6th February 2019

In October, TheMusing.in was launched. It became an instant success with 1.5k views being achieved in the first month itself!

At the time, I had setup a basic look for the website with limited functionality. That setup was alright for a small website with a few hundred views. But due to the overwhelming response from you, the reader. It has become imperative that there be a more professional look to the website since that is what you deserve!

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SnapKey: Choice: 23rd January 2019

Last week I conducted a presentation on the poem, ‘Road not taken’ by Robert Frost for my English assignment in college (Which got an overwhelmingly positive response, not just from my peers but from the professor as well, so that went well!) and it struck me that choices make up an inseparable part of our lives.

Every other moment, we have to make one choice or the other. It ranges from what to have for lunch to choosing a career path (Like I took a decision to come back to the blog after finishing all of my extra curricular activities for the year).

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