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Accepting not Tolerating

Unity in diversity has been one of the most overused topics for essay writing competitions in schools. The idea of diversity or ‘difference’ is fed to us from formative years. We are taught to accept people who look and live differently than us, to ensure that when we grow up as citizens we will have a positive feeling of brotherhood and solidarity towards people coming from diverse parts of the country.

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SnapKey: Communicate: 16th November 2018

Communication has evolved through the ages. In ancient times, humans would communicate by painting on cave walls, it was done pictographically. Then writing was invented and humans started to communicate with each other by writing various languages which developed across the world. Finally, we are now communicating through digital means by pressing keys on a keyboard and sending out our messages to the world with a click of a button, just like I am with this SnapKey.

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SnapKey: Focus: 9th November 2018

The Supreme Court put restrictions on bursting of firecrackers this year with a focus on the environment.

On Diwali, I was taking a stroll in my building’s garden. Ideally, the place would be filled with adults talking and laughing with each other. Children running around and bursting firecrackers. Everyone would be socializing and really enjoying themselves.

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