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SnapKey: Tea: 13th February 2019

Tea is one of the most popular beverage in the world. In fact, it is the most consumed liquid in the world after water. Especially in India where you will find a tea stall at every corner of a city. Furthermore, acknowledging the fact that the Prime Minister of India himself used to sell tea at a railway station. It has had a long history, going back to circa 59 BCE in South China, where it is originally from.

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SnapKey: Unpredictable: 30th January 2019

The reason why I chose ‘Unpredictable as today’s SnapKey is because yesterday an ‘unpredictable’ incident occurred.

One of the faculty members in my college passed away while he was away in official capacity. It was quite a shocker since I had met him just couple of days ago and he seemed alright! Never in my dreams did I think that he would leave this world so suddenly.

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What’s in a name?

It’s a cold morning. The city is slowly awakening from its slumber from the previous night. Very few people are walking on the roads. Of the handful of people, a peculiar sight is that of a man perched up on the city boards. He is painting over the old, rusty name of Allahabad with a dazzling coat of ‘Prayagraj.’

The present political discourse has been flooded with the discussion of renaming Allahabad to Prayagraj. The past few weeks have been spent in trading fire between the opposition and the ruling party over the issue. It has aggravated further as talks of renaming cities like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Aurangabad etc. have surfaced in various parts of the country. The issue is definitely not as simple as it looks like.

What’s in a name? What is the purpose of a name? Why is a name so important?

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