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SnapKey: Development: 17th April 2019

Every election season there is just one word which has the habit of going viral: development. Everything about politics has been to show people the ‘path‘ to development and try to get them to vote for that party.

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What is it for me?

The past fortnight, I have been asked a question by different people (who in no way are related to each other) at different locations, at different points of time. ‘Why do you write?’ The frequency of this question has led me to write this Perspective article for today. Something different than my usual ones. Why do I write? What is it for me?

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Across the border

The last 30 days have been taut with nervousness and violence as two major powers of South Asia, India and Pakistan were at each other’s throats. There were constant conflicts, which began with the attack on the CRPF personnel in Pulwama. Subsequently India retaliated with an air strike in Balakot. The following days also witnessed the downing of a Pakistani F-16 trying to infiltrate Indian airspace and the capture of an Indian Air Force pilot.

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