Marketing Team

It is an undeniable fact that in the age of internet, access to a large number of people through various networks is necessary if you want to spread your works. Our marketing team does exactly that!

They focus on how to share content? where to share content? when to share content? and whom to share it with?

Their efforts are crucial for spreading the works of the Content Creation team. Just like the Developer team, they silently work in the background to make sure you get access to our new posts! And attract new people as well.

Aman Gupta

I am a student of Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) in the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai, India. It may not look like it but Gaming is one of my most passionate hobbies. You’ll often find me online playing a few matches with my friends on Counter Strike Global Offensive. As a wise man from Game of Thrones once said, ‘Knowledge is Power’ I took that to heart and keep exploring new things using the power of the internet. Currently I am learning Cryptography. HMU if you wanna solve codes!

Avalok B Biradar

I am a 2nd year medical student in the University of Vinnytsia, Ukraine. Though medicine is one of my primary goals in life, food and that to at huge discounts is my second. When it comes to exploiting modern capitalist food delivery and restaurant reservation systems, I can be quite the connoisseur. I love to travel and hope to one day go around the world!

Recent Posts

  • Haunslaa
    Jab tere kadam tharaahat mein uthey, yaad rakh tu, kisike buland haunsle ka thehraav saath hai tere
  • Playing the Balancing Act
    Having put into perspective the relationship which India shares with USA & Iran, it is undeniable that the country is walking on eggshells. It cannot afford to lose either of them as it could put its future at risk.
  • Bringing the Mercury Down
    Read this award winning essay on the topic ‘Mitigating climate change.’ It gives out solutions for climate change in under 350 words. The Earth is our only home, there is no backup for us to fallback on. Whatever we have is here, on this single planet in this vast universe.
  • (D)anger
    “It is truly surprising that we have never been taught a healthy way to deal with anger even though it is such an integral part of our lives.” A Serendipity post on how to deal with anger by Sanika!