Developer’s Team

Like all websites, our website too was created and moulded by a group of developers. They are the backbone of the website’s design and the front-runners for quashing any bugs which creep out of the corners of thousands of lines of code.

Along with bug quashing, they constantly apply their mind to generate new ideas and innovations to make your experience on this website enjoyable. Without them, it’s possible the website could have been far less enjoyable!

This page is an acknowledgement for their time and efforts

Aayushi Singh – Chief Technology Officer

Hello world I am Aayushi Singh. I am a lover of technology and forever shall be. I love anything and everything that understands binary. Out of the 10 types of people on this planet, I happen to be one of those who got this good ol’ joke. Apart from my fascination with technology, I would call myself a productivity junkie, although the pomodoro technique doesn’t work for me. I aspire to be an entrepreneur and solve some of society’s problems via technology – while making a profit being at it.

Ankit Dimri – Vice Technology Officer

Hello there, I’m Ankit Dimri, debugger of codes. I love making things work, but can’t make myself work sometimes, ironically. I love to code and play around with it. Football is my escape from the world, I breathe it. Mythology fascinates me and so do algorithms. I would always choose a trip to the woods, peaceful serene places over parties. Love to dwell and talk about life, football, books, astronomy, mythology, algorithms? Ping me. I would call myself a health freak, though I would prefer running a few more miles and make up for that extra pizza slice rather than denying it. Can always be found at the coldest place near you. Mucho gusto en conocerlo. ¡Hala Madrid!

  • Haunslaa
    Jab tere kadam tharaahat mein uthey, yaad rakh tu, kisike buland haunsle ka thehraav saath hai tere
  • Playing the Balancing Act
    Having put into perspective the relationship which India shares with USA & Iran, it is undeniable that the country is walking on eggshells. It cannot afford to lose either of them as it could put its future at risk.
  • Bringing the Mercury Down
    Read this award winning essay on the topic ‘Mitigating climate change.’ It gives out solutions for climate change in under 350 words. The Earth is our only home, there is no backup for us to fallback on. Whatever we have is here, on this single planet in this vast universe.
  • (D)anger
    “It is truly surprising that we have never been taught a healthy way to deal with anger even though it is such an integral part of our lives.” A Serendipity post on how to deal with anger by Sanika!
  • SnapKey: Cold: 31st December 2019
    SnapKey on the extreme cold being faced by Northern India this year. It is reminiscing of the many events connected to the winter.
  • Saath…
    Kya karun? Kaise kahun? Bas itna jaante hain ki hum koshish mein hain, tum sahayata nahi, bas saath do.