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Priyamvad Rai – Founder

I am a student of Economics in Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce, Pune. Around 4 years ago, I started writing about various topics ranging from BREXIT to game reviews. In 2018, I registered domain and expanded my blog to include other writers and a variety of content. My hobbies other than writing; include reading, gaming, running and at times creating videos for my Youtube channel. I also got AIR-69 in the Combined Defense Services Examination – II (2019) and was shortlisted to join the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun.

Srushti Desai – Author

Srushti Desai

Yeoza! I’m an exaggerating, dramatic human with a damn high receptivity to emotions and the kinda person y’all would call a listener. Knowing all of this – I feel – just helps you perceive whatever words I scribble out there with a deeper and enhanced understanding… Your inner philosopher will probably listen to it better. Anything I write about myself will come off as extremely dreamy or overwhelming – but know this, that all we say is always relatable to each person with the beauty of unique perspectives. I am a student of physical therapy who also loves theatre, tries to sing and enjoys pretty much anything with a mic. I hope to keep finding my calling always and pray that the memory we build in each other’s mind is always a source of that thing that keeps one going and hoping for the best to turn out someday! You’re amazing the way you are and I’m glad to share a piece of myself with y’all !
To beauty and blemishes!

Sanika Ramankutty – Author

Hi, I’m Sanika. If I was a flower, I’d be a sunflower, if I was sauce, I’d be mustard, if I was a fruit, I’d be a banana ( 😉 ) Basically what I’m trying to say is that I love yellow and I am pathetically optimistic and happy most of the times. I live in full sleeved top because they take care of my flabby triceps and I can wear jeans when I’m sleeping. I love doggos and cattos and literally any living thing on the planet except humans and fish. I am a feminist and I love reading and binge watching shows I like. I love and hate all seasons equally and I buy more makeup and clothes than I use (I might be borderline shopaholic)

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  • Haunslaa
    Jab tere kadam tharaahat mein uthey, yaad rakh tu, kisike buland haunsle ka thehraav saath hai tere
  • Playing the Balancing Act
    Having put into perspective the relationship which India shares with USA & Iran, it is undeniable that the country is walking on eggshells. It cannot afford to lose either of them as it could put its future at risk.
  • Bringing the Mercury Down
    Read this award winning essay on the topic ‘Mitigating climate change.’ It gives out solutions for climate change in under 350 words. The Earth is our only home, there is no backup for us to fallback on. Whatever we have is here, on this single planet in this vast universe.
  • (D)anger
    “It is truly surprising that we have never been taught a healthy way to deal with anger even though it is such an integral part of our lives.” A Serendipity post on how to deal with anger by Sanika!
  • SnapKey: Cold: 31st December 2019
    SnapKey on the extreme cold being faced by Northern India this year. It is reminiscing of the many events connected to the winter.
  • Saath…
    Kya karun? Kaise kahun? Bas itna jaante hain ki hum koshish mein hain, tum sahayata nahi, bas saath do.