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SnapKey: Choice: 23rd January 2019

Last week I conducted a presentation on the poem, ‘Road not taken’ by Robert Frost for my English assignment in college (Which got an overwhelmingly positive response, not just from my peers but from the professor as well, so that went well!) and it struck me that choices make up an inseparable part of our lives.

Every other moment, we have to make one choice or the other. It ranges from what to have for lunch to choosing a career path (Like I took a decision to come back to the blog after finishing all of my extra curricular activities for the year).

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SnapKey: Communicate: 16th November 2018

Communication has evolved through the ages. In ancient times, humans would communicate by painting on cave walls, it was done pictographically. Then writing was invented and humans started to communicate with each other by writing various languages which developed across the world. Finally, we are now communicating through digital means by pressing keys on a keyboard and sending out our messages to the world with a click of a button, just like I am with this SnapKey.

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SnapKey: Home: 13th November 2018

A few days ago, I visited a construction site of an apartment complex. There I saw scores of monkeys jumping around and creating havoc. Upon investigating a little deeper, I discovered that prior to the construction there used to be a small patch of trees where these monkeys used to live.

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