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Winter Sale Recommendations: 2019

Here are the recommendations for the Steam winter sale of 2019. Find out which games make it to the top five and learn about the best bundles available!

The Steam winter sale has begun! With the sale come many deals which look extremely attractive. Today, I will be giving out the top 5 recommendations which you should look out for while shopping on Steam! Let’s make sure you get the best games for Christmas!

The recommendations have been made on the basis of the quality of game as well as the sale price coupled with bundles.

Note: All recommendations are objective and no developer or publisher has given us any kind of compensation for making these recommendations.

5. Middle Earth: Shadow of War


a. Base Game: Rs.239
b. Definitive Edition: Rs. 287


The successor to the critically acclaimed ‘Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor‘ is the much awaited ‘Middle Earth: Shadow of War.’ The game takes forward the story which was left at the end of the first game. Now, you are supposed to create your own army and take on the dark forces of Sauron.

While it had received some flak for its DLC and microtransactions. The game this winter has gone on sale for a very good price of Rs.287 with all DLCs included (Which includes the expensive Story Expansion Pass). This is a value for money deal because you can get a humongous amount of playtime out of it. Players have gone up to a whooping 900 hours!

Don’t miss out on this deal! Get it game right now.

4. Hitman 2


a. Free trial of first mission
b. Standard Edition: Rs.495
c. Gold Edition: Rs.524


The Hitman franchise has become an excellent example of what stealth gameplay should be like. It is the modern Assassin’s Creed game where you use silenced handguns, rifles, poison, the environment and various other factors and equipments to your advantage to assassinate the target.

Moreover it carries the previous game’s story forward into new episodes spread across other major cities of the world. You get to carry out a mission in Mumbai! The levels are well designed with vast approaches you can adopt to suit your playstyle. It is also beautiful to look! Gameplay is slow and requires planning so if you are a COD type of player, I wouldn’t recommend this for you.

One of the best things about Hitman 2? If you purchase it you also get Season 1 as well! This is a good opportunity for those who wish to purchase this game without having to purchase the previous one separately. The game provides 100+ hours worth of gameplay and in my opinion, should be in your library!

3. Saints Row Franchise


a. Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack: Rs.251


Whenever we think about crime-centric gameplay, it is the Grand Theft Auto Franchise which comes to our mind first. Yes, with its satirical script and realistic gameplay, it does become the game to pickup! However, Saints Row is one franchise which you should check out as well.

It’s not as realistic or satirical as GTA. But its well written script and over-the-top gameplay make up for it. The first two games are quite similar when compared to GTA. It is in SR3 and SR4 where things begin to take a turn for the unimaginable. You will be jumping out of airplanes and into tanks while doing all of this hurtling towards the ground from 35,000 feet. There will also come a time when you have to fend off an alien invasion using superpowers which you have received (How? That’s a spoiler.)

You will thoroughly enjoy this franchise, the characters lovable and downright kick ass. You will be caring for them from the first game itself. Though the Steam bundle does not include the first game, everything else is available in it. Hence I highly recommend you, PICK IT UP!

2. Portal Franchise


a. Portal: Rs.34
b. Portal 2: Rs.34
c. Portal Bundle: Rs.50


One of Valve’s best creations is Portal. It has a unique concept of level based puzzles which you have to solve by using laws of physics and your handy portal gun. I must say that it has the most innovative gameplay I have ever experienced. The quality of the franchise is maintained in the sequel as well, the story does not disappoint you at all.

This game is mysterious. It is best that you discover it yourself rather than me writing about it. My recommendation is that you go for the Portal Bundle, as for the price of Rs.50, you will get both the games! Isn’t that just the best?

Before i talk about no.1, here are some honorable mentions!

These are bundles/games which are really good but couldn’t make the list this time. You should check them out as well!

Novalogic Classics Volume 1: Machines of WarRs.145
Tomb Raider CollectionRs.593
Sniper Elite Complete PackRs.752

1. Cities Skylines


a. Base Game: Rs.182
b. Deluxe Edition: Rs. 212
c. Cities Skylines Collection: Rs.2,600


This game, is an absolute marvel. I cannot even decide where to start talking about this game, so lets start from the basic.

Cities Skylines is a city building game. It showcases the time, pressure, planning, challenges and organizing ability it takes to build and manage a city created out of your own imagination. The game does so many things right! Creating infrastructure is easy! Planning policies is simple yet tricky! Creating public transportation system is a chore but absolutely satisfying. The power is in your hands.

Gameplay is refreshing according to me. I have hundreds of hours of gameplay and it was spent in creating just 3 cities. I have used up so many ideas and there’s so much more I wish to try out in future cities.

The community is active and the developers are constantly adding new content to the game. With every new DLC that is launched, they also put out free updates, giving you a taste of what’s come out and help you decide whether you should grab it or not. You also have the option of choosing which DLCs to have and not to have. You don’t need to buy certain DLC’s to have access to others due to some programming requirement. However, personally, the DLCs are worth every penny you pay. They only augment your control over the city and help create something even more beautiful!

The base game is quite good and is worth the full price as well. However, the DLCs definitely enhance the experience. On a trial basis, get Mass Transit, After Dark and Snowfall.

Here are my recommendations for you to check out this Winter Sale on Steam. These are very good games who deserve the acclaim and praises! Check them out! Let me know about your opinion on games and deals which you recommend in the comments section!

Priyamvad Rai

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