The lifelong hue Of her life crept alongside; "Oh," it exclaimed "You can never stop!" She sighed, flashing in the choke of heart ...Singed again That red alert.

For being bold
Sense of caution
Thrown to the wind
Disregarded infinitesimal
Judged by looks
Tagged by books
Those that sung
Of values and morals
Preaching being just and fair
Them pictures
With the mother cooking
The father rebuking
He was always told not to cry
The blues of the boy
And the red to the girls
She was always known
As the one to cry
The red in her eyes
Today hides away
From mockery
Of the blues
Of the mighty sky
She was to be pleased
From the reds
Of the thorny roses.
The lifelong hue
Of her life crept alongside
In the sobs she’s known for;
“Oh,” it exclaimed “You can never stop!”
She sighed
In lowered defeat
Flashing in
The choke of heart
Singed again
That red alert.


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