SnapKey: Run-out: 3rd November 2019

A SnapKey on the growing levels of air pollution in the capital and how it is affecting the lives of the people.

Since mid-October I have been staying in Gurgaon. It is one of the cities which falls in the National Capital Territory or NCT. Even though I have lived in Mumbai, India’s second-most important city (As it is usually known as the ‘financial capital’) it would be a lie if I were to say that it is better than Gurgaon. In terms of infrastructure and overall ease of living, the latter trumps Mumbai. Swiggy delivers groceries to your location in flat 45 minutes! What can be better than that?

The Rapid Metro of Gurgaon is an absolute marvel. Though it is limited to one part of the city; mainly golf course road. It is connected with the Yellow line of the Delhi metro. Using it you can not only access the capital, but Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Bahadurgarh using various metro lines.

Two days prior to this post, I was traveling home on the ‘Rapid Metro‘ from Cybercity. Deboarding from the train at my station I noticed that my spectacles seemed foggy. I took them off and started to clean them only to find out that it wasn’t because of the smudges on the lenses.

According to Gurgaon AQI (Air Quality Index) at the time was 321. This is 6 times higher than the limit for ‘healthy air.’ All I could think about at that time was that advertisement which the Government makes every cinema hall run prior to the movie playing. The one with Rahul Dravid saying, ‘Dhumrapaan se run-out hone se bacche’ (Don’t let your life get run-out due to smoking). Now while that advert is pretty hilarious (especially when the audio doesn’t match the pace of the video), it got me thinking then that how do we stay safe from the polluted air? We cannot just quit it like smoking, it’s going to stay there day in and day out!

The problem of air pollution is serious. Schools are being closed and citizens are being advised to not go out for morning walks/jogs. At a time when constitutionalism is being questioned, the very air we breathe is not letting us be free. It is imperative that the people and the government both take conscious steps towards reducing pollution. Otherwise air-filtration masks could become a fashion trend in coming years.

What do you think about today’s SnapKey? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Air Pollution has become a serious problem in Delhi and National capital region ( Gurgaon,Faridabad,Gaziabad and Noida). No doubt our entire country is facing this problem. In Delhi and NCR it can be tackled if the Government’s of Delhi,Punjab and Haryana join hands and work with one mission of eliminating this problem.
    It’s really sad to read that how the life of the citizens of this area of India has become so difficult.Hence I feel citizens must raise their voice so that the administration of these states will work together to tackle this environmental hazard.
    A nice article on a very very serious matter. It would have been better if you had suggested some solutions…
    Keep posting…

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