SnapKey: Light: 8th May 2019

My first SnapKey was on Shadow. Today it’s about Light. We have come full circle.

Light has played a crucial role throughout human history. The onset of human existence has been characterised by the spreading of light. It is so important that millions of people worship it across the world.

Whenever I think about light, all I can think about; is how it is a symbol of hope. Like during ancient times, Kingdoms used to light a series of bonfires to signal for assistance from their allies. When the electricity goes out at night, we light a candle and it provides us with relief.

The idea of today’s SnapKey came to my mind because, a few days ago I was studying in my room in the evening. Suddenly, the light bulb stopped functioning and I was left in total darkness. It was at that moment I realized the importance of something as abundant and simple as light are left unappreciated by a majority of the people.

So this SnapKey is my way of shedding light on light and appreciating its importance. What do you think about light? Let me know in the comments below!

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