SnapKey: Development: 17th April 2019

A SnapKey on the most important word of any election in India. Development!

Every election season there is just one word which has the habit of going viral: development. Everything about politics has been to show people the ‘path‘ to development and try to get them to vote for that party.

Human history has always focused on the word development: ‘political development’, ‘economic development’, ‘societal development’, ‘cultural development’ etc. However, I feel that it is important that while we focus on moving ahead, we must not forget where the present development has originated from.

Nature follows the method of building itself on top of the past. If we look at the various layers of the soil, what we will see is that nature for millions of years has built itself over its past remains. Similarly, we shouldn’t forget about our past simply because new development demands us to look forward. Without our past, we cannot appreciate the present and the future.

What do you think about development? Let me know in the comments!

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the Chief editor of, Aristobilli.

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  1. Development is a continuous process and hence nature keeps on moving forward. Humans are part of the nature and that is why the perception is that the humans are reasons of the development. In my opinion it’s an instinct provided by the nature to the humans.
    See if this universe has to survive then it needs to move continuously otherwise under static conditions things will fall and will become stale. This continuous movement result into development. True for new development the past developments provide base or foundation. What is new today will become old tomorrow and that’s why old and new both are important.


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