SnapKey: Environment: 10th April 2019

The environment is what surrounds us, it is what we are a part of. A SnapKey on Environment.

The grade 8th Environmental studies textbook defines environment as everything in our surroundings whether it is biotic (living components) or abiotic (non-living components like rock, air, water etc.).

Traditionally, various religions across the world used to worship the environment because it is what gives us the means to live. One could say that adding religion to the environment was a way for leaders to inculcate values of preserving and protecting the environment among the people.

A hospitable environment is necessary for life to exist and thrive! The protection of our environment is imperative for any kind of life to be able to exist on this planet. Unfortunately the situation seems to be getting worse one day after the other.

Signs of climate change and its effect are visible across the globe. Untimely monsoons, colder winters, warmer summers etc. are just the beginning of a catastrophe waiting to happen. We must realize the shortage of time and mend our ways as soon as possible.

What do you think about the Environment? Let me know in the comment section below!

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1 comment

  1. Humans must respect the environment. Development is important but it should not be at the cost of damaging the environment. Too much of interraction with it is disastrous. We have experienced it many times. Our Hindu philosphy also propagates the respect for environment. For this reason only in Hindu Ved and Purans we find that rivers ,sky,oceans,mountains,sun,wind,trees are revered.


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