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SnapKey: Vote: 3rd April 2019

A SnapKey on the pillar of Democracy. The power to vote.

Vote. The greatest invention of humans. The most powerful tool for an individual. A symbol of freedom of expression and the right to choose.

A long and bloody history surrounds the vote. From various revolutions like the French revolution to the struggle for Indian independence. The result of all these watershed events in human history has been the vote. People have struggled, sacrificed their lives. Just so that the society gets this power of voting.

The participation of the people is essential for a democracy. The system of a democratic government is built around empowering the people living in that system.

In just 8 days, the world’s largest democracy will be going into general elections to choose its next government. This SnapKey is a reminder, as well as a request to all readers who are eligible for voting, to go out and vote. It is your right. It is your future. It is your government and your country.

What do you think about the vote? Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. It’s a power available to every individual to exercise so that the required change in the society can be brought in. It’s a power to tell the government of the day to work in the larger interest of the country and it’s people. All individuals with voting power can contribute to the country by electing good politicians.
    I agree with your msg that people must take effort and vote. Voting day must not be used as holiday for recreation.

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