SnapKey: Secrecy: 27th March 2019

SnapKey: Secrecy: 27th March 2019, a look into its importance since time immemorial.

A great many mysteries of the world have languished in secrecy for a long time. Only when the time was right they were brought out into the open for the world.

Citing examples from history. There have been various instances where people searched for a certain something for a long time. They tried their best, but could only find it when the time was right. Example: Agriculture was a type of secret, till man accidentally discovered it. Was it coincidence or just the right time?

Secrecy played an important role during the Cold War. The two superpowers did everything possible in their power to stay ahead in the arms race, while at the same time ensure that the other did not get a hint of their technological developments.

What do you think about Secrecy? Let me know in the comments!

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