SnapKey: Freedom: 6th March 2019

"Without freedom, democracy crumbles like a house of cards"

Without freedom, democracy crumbles like a house of cards

In my recent Perspective article (click here to read it) I talked about the banning of my website’s link on Facebook and Instagram. It felt appropriate that today’s SnapKey be along those lines.

I have written about Freedom multiple times. So much that it could be considered a cliché. However, the importance of Freedom is undermined not just by the government, but by the people too.

Why is Freedom important? An example is me writing the article which got my website banned. ‘Accepting not tolerating where I discussed about how our society lacks acceptance of diversity, which in turn hampers social integration. Freedom is essential if both sides of the coin are to be heard (or in this case read).

While it is acceptable that certain speech, which could curb violence and social stability is curbed; simple dissent should not result in the same. Dissent is essential for a thriving democracy.

Therefore, through this SnapKey my intention is to rethink your idea of democracy and freedom. Look around you, and question yourself whether you are really free, or living under a facade.

Let me know your views in the comment section!

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