SnapKey: Communicate: 16th November 2018

In this SnapKey, we talk about Communication and its importance. Do give your opinion on it!

Communication has evolved through the ages. In ancient times, humans would communicate by painting on cave walls, it was done pictographically. Then writing was invented and humans started to communicate with each other by writing various languages which developed across the world. Finally, we are now communicating through digital means by pressing keys on a keyboard and sending out our messages to the world with a click of a button, just like I am with this SnapKey.

Regardless of the means of communication which has developed over thousands of years. The core purpose of communication remains constant, i.e. exchange of ideas, thoughts, opinions etc.

Communication is an integral part of being a human, as I have stated in previous SnapKeys, humans are social animals. We have to live in a society and are interdependent for sustenance. Communication is the key to society.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The beauty of communication lies in the fact that it doesn’t always need a language. Facial expressions, gestures and body language also do communicate a lot, sometimes more than words ever could.

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