SnapKey: Focus: 9th November 2018

In this SnapKey, I raise a question whether our focus has shifted towards materialism from things which actually matter

The Supreme Court put restrictions on bursting of firecrackers this year with a focus on the environment.

On Diwali, I was taking a stroll in my building’s garden. Ideally, the place would be filled with adults talking and laughing with each other. Children running around and bursting firecrackers. Everyone would be socializing and really enjoying themselves.

In contrast to this illustration, this year the gardens were empty. Not a soul could be seen. It really made me think,”was the focus of Diwali to burst firecrackers only?” Doesn’t Diwali mean much more? It was absolutely astonishing to see such a sight. Never did I thought that the restriction on firecrackers could become a catalyst for people to not socialize.

In this SnapKey, I raise the following question.

“Has our focus really shifted towards something as materialistic as bursting firecrackers that we have forgotten our core quality of being humans, i.e. to be social animals? Has the focus become obscured?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I do believe that the society is losing the socialising concept unless some incitement is involved …. we have become self-centred….maybe this is a phase that the Indian society is going through … we will eventually come out of it hopefully…..

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  2. Diwali is a festival when people come together and celebrate the occasion. On this day men and women play cards and children bursts firecrackers. Celebration is full of activities for every age. Its true it can be celebrated without bursting the firecrackers which affects the environment. However fireworks should be allowed so that children can enjoy the celebration. If we stop this completely then the celebration will become boring for the children. Interestingly firackers were invented in China. Today firecrackers are banned in many countries due to it health and environmental hazard.

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