SnapKey: Winter: 3rd November 2018

A SnapKey on how winter affected the lives of humans. As well as how we now control the winter

In pre-historic era, human life used to revolve around the coming and going of winter. Not just humans, but all sorts of animals would work throughout the year just to survive those few months of winter. As soon as it was over, they would be back at it again to prepare for the next winter.

Winter is coming” – Lord Eddard Stark, Warden of the North, Game of Thrones season 1

Today, humans are free of this restriction. Technological development has allowed us to look beyond our ‘winter-centric’ lives. In fact, what was considered to be a dangerous season, is now ‘pleasurable.’ Millions of tourist travel thousands of kilometers just to experience this season. It is truly quite mesmerizing when you think about the kind of change which has taken place.

What do you think? Lemme know in the comments!

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  1. Winter in India means fun food and festival. Winter in India starts with Deepawali and ends with Holi. Cooler temperature in winter improves the digestion and may be for this reason only people consume more and gain weight. May be in extreme cold areas its time to hibernate.

    I personally enjoy winter and every year look forward to this season.


  2. Winter for me is ….lot of dryness of the skin and learning to deal/live with it .
    But yes eating… which I love 💕 to do the most … is best during winters…
    I like this theme of your … with fast approaching…. very appropriate… you have good timing 👍


  3. When I think about winter, it is the comfort and warmth of my room, sleeping peacefully under the blankets. It is simply the best feeling ever. Nothing tops that.
    However no one can beat the summer with its energy.

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  4. I personally prefer summer over winter because well it is more bearable. (I live in a really cold place)
    Yet we cannot deny the importance of winter! (I never mind hibernating once in a while)

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