SnapKey: Travel: 29th October 2018

This SnapKey highlights the importance of traveling

In the 18th Century, it would take at least 6 months to travel from England to India. People would undertake dangerous journeys, in search of better opportunities. Like when the British came to India. They undertook a dangerous journey to exploit the wealth of India and take it back home for themselves.

Travel also allows various societies to interact with each other. Today, it takes only 11 hours to complete the same journey which used to take 6 months. It enables the people to meet new people! We are slowly evolving a world culture, human culture. Rather than the unique cultures we used to have before (Eg. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian). Indeed, this takes away the pleasures of experiencing a new culture, but it allows us to feel like a single race, a single civilization and maybe one day, a single nation.

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  1. While the manner in which travelling has done the job of connecting peoples and societies to one another paints a green picture, but the possibility of a single race or nation seems pretty dystopian to me! That rather looks like evolution going backwards, since that’s where we actually started from – a raceless community. I would like it more if there still were diverse cultures, but our mindset gets evolved enough to embrace the diversity.

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    1. Diversity is one of the key features of India.
      We cherish our diversity, it is what makes India, India.
      But to be able to truly evolve as a human race. We will be required to assimilate ourselves into homogeneity.
      Will it be dystopian? Not really. Homogeneity may not always lead to 100% uniform culture. There could be variations! The core values would remain the same, but maybe the intricacies would differ. We might still be able to retain our diversity.

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  2. Man by nature is inquisitive and hence take risk to explore new areas. It may be to explore new economic opportunities which are essential for the livelihood and development. In last 10000 years humans have discovered so many things because of natural instinct of finding new areas on the earth. Now after earth they are putting their energy in exploring the space.
    True the way things are developing on the earth that day is not very far when the entire will become one country.


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