SnapKey: Shadow: 15th October 2018

This is the first SnapKey! Read about Shadow and my interpretation of it

Shadow is often linked with negativity. Various religious and literary works have symbolized Shadow as the evil which consumes everything in its path.

But I like to think of shadow as something more than evil. It provides relief as well. Cliche example is that shadow provides us relief from the sun!

Shadow can also be linked to darkness (which also has the same connotation of evil), and darkness to the universe. The universe holds so many mysteries yet to be solved by us. So maybe Shadow too can be mysterious in that way?

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I agree.
    Shadow can be positive also. For example it is our shadow which is always with us. Our shadow is like a companion. Wherever we go it always goes with us. This can also be a perspective.

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  2. The example about shadow providing relief from the sun – isn’t shadow formed because of the sun? Had sun never been there, shadow wouldn’t have existed in the first place.
    Also, I found the snapkey and the article following it somewhat lacking congruence. The idea of a “shade” and “shadow” seem to be mixed here. Pardon me in case of my inaccuracy.

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    1. Please don’t apologise. The entire idea of SnapKey is to have multiple interpretations! To encourage people to think from different perspectives! Your views are welcomed wholeheartedly!

      Shadow is formed due to the presence of the sun (or light), light has a positive connotation. But too much of it does not feel nice as well, example: During summers, especially in India, the sun can be really harsh. The Shadow here stands as a sign of relief.

      Yes the idea of a “Shade” and “Shadow” have been mixed here because they are used interchangeably by a majority of the people. The image is just an illustration of the word Shadow. (And also to share some of the photos I feel are worth sharing)

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