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For many days, I’ve asked many of my friends, classmates, family and other acquaintances the question,”What pops up first into your head when you think of the word Threat?” and the second question,”What about Security? What comes in your head then?” Take a moment and ask yourself these questions and then continue reading.

If your answer for the first question is, terrorists, robbers, foreign invasions and things along these lines then you are in somewhat 95% percent of the people who answered the same. Same goes for the latter question, if things like strong military, good police force etc. came in your mind, then you too are in the 95%. Don’t worry, these answers are correct too, the purpose of this article is to expand your horizon on views of security and threats.

Development is considered to be a precondition for Security, i.e. for a country or state to adequately protect its citizens, development is a must and without it a proper secure environment cannot exist.

Then what are threats if they are something more than terrorists, robbers, foreign invasions? Threats can be poverty, lack of proper infrastructure, no democratic rights, violation of rights etc. These things can also harm our security as much as terrorists and invasions. In fact, famines and plagues have killed more people than wars and invasions.

Security would consists of, economic security, social security, political security. In a country like India, these three spheres of security are available to a very select section of the society. Economic security would consist of availability of employment and infrastructure for having access to higher levels of income, these would include proper education facilities. Social security would consist of every single individual/section of the society having equal status and not experience any kind of discrimination. Political security consists of rights like freedom of expression, right to vote, right to choose and many more.

How can we be truly secure? The answer, is to ensure that we, citizens of not just India, but as human beings residing on this planet is to eradicate all of the threats that I have listed above along with the conventional ones (terrorists, invasions etc.). Now how can this be achieved? In our daily lives we don’t consider poverty and lack of infrastructure as threats and consider it as something part of our lives. We have to change this thinking. We need to start perceiving these things as threats, because only then shall we work towards reducing and abolishing these negative features of our society.

When things threaten our lives we tend to pay more attention to them and fight them better. Therefore it would be logical to perceive things like poverty as threats. Many would argue that looking at them as threats may tend to bring about a negative attitude towards these things. But it has never been tried before and there’s no harm in trying. It is important that we try to, if not completely eradicate, but at least reduce these things to a bare minimum because they are a black dot on our society.

Priyamvad Rai

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