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India Strikes Back

Days after the attack on the Uri command post in Jammu & Kashmir by ‘terrorists’ who were allegedly from Pakistan which had led to the loss of 19 valuable soldiers of our defense forces, India has retaliated at the perpetrators by striking hard at the enemy. A surgical strike which was carried out 2kms inside enemy territory killed almost 35 terrorists and 2 Pakistani Army soldiers and destroyed many launchpads of the terrorists, critically harming them.

The strike is the first of its kind. India has never carried out a military operation inside Pakistani territory, during a no-war period. Though Pakistan claims it was just a ‘cross border firing’ but the Indian Army has stated that it was much more than that. The strike destroyed launchpads, these launchpads are camps where terrorists are positioned 24-48 hours before they are deployed into Indian territory.  Reports have claimed that these are not camps where training and recruitment of terrorists take place and that the training camps are located way inside the enemy territory.

A strong reply for cowardly tactics. The move has been welcomed by everyone in the country, in fact the nation is in national jubilation for a successful operation which had 0 casualties on our side. Political parties, the congress led opposition has fully supported the move of the government and have called for a united front against the terrorist and the Pakistani terror. Though, at the same time this strike symbolizes deteriorating conditions of the subcontinent and maybe even war in the near future.

Pakistan had crossed the threshold of patience of the Indian people when the Uri attack happened and the people were demanding actions from the government. The government complied. Though, the people must know that actions like these take time and extensive discussions and most of all, planning. It has been said that the Special Forces group which led the strike was planning and practicing the entire week and surveying the target area to ensure nothing went wrong. The planning and patience paid off, with a good number of kills and 0 casualties on our side.

Most people would say that what India did was wrong, I argue that what we did was just a favor for Pakistan. Terrorists and terror camps which were supposed to be put into check by the Pakistani government were allowed to run free, therefore all India did was what the Pakistani government was supposed to do long ago and that it was the right thing to do. In fact, Pakistan should thank India for doing their job. The operation was stopped and it has been stated that there are no plans to carry on the operation, this does not mean a full stop on the matter. It has brought about a new angle on the India-Pakistan feud and the politics of South Asia. Many countries like Bangladesh and Afghanistan have supported the move of the Indian government.

No matter what anyone says, the strike has united the country politically in the face of a common enemy and the people are more united than ever.

Priyamvad Rai

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