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Republicans vs Democrats

The Presidential elections of the United States of America are due this November and there are two candidates in the forefront, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, representing the Republicans and the Democrats respectively. The two parties, of course, have differing ideologies. In this article we’ll be looking at the Republican ideology.

The Republicans, or commonly referred to as the Grand Old Party (GOP) from time to time. The first republican President was Abraham Lincoln, and the most recent republican President was George W. Bush (2001-2009).  The symbol of the republicans is an elephant.


The democratic party was known as ‘Jefferson’s republicans’ after its founder Thomas Jefferson. The first Democrat President was Andrew Jackson and the most recent and current President of the U.S.A. Barack Obama is also a democrat. The symbol of the Democrats is a donkey.


Ideology of the republicans can be summarised in one word i.e. American Conservatism (Wait, two words) as opposed to the Democrat’s Modern Liberalism. Basically, it involves support for free market capitalism, Regulations and restrictions on unions and social-conservative policies.

On economic policies, the Republicans believe that there should be tax cuts for everyone including corporations and people of all income levels. Republicans believe in free trade, so that the costs can remain low for the consumers and make businesses more profitable and allow them to grow. Democrats believe that the minimum wage of the workers should be increased which will allow them to have more money and thus, purchase more goods and services. They also believe that trade should be restricted so that American jobs can be protected.

Foreign policy is one of the most crucial points of differences between the two parties. In a more general sense, taking military involvement as an example the republicans believe in a full military effort, i.e. sending troops and vehicles, and displace regimes that are dictatorial and are a threat to not only their own people but others too, whereas the democrats believe in more targeted strikes (drone strikes, missile strikes etc.) and limited use of manpower. Both parties believe that sending foreign aid is good, but have different opinion on the kind of help and who should be at the receiving end of this aid.

Personal liberty of the people is something that has been a hotly debated topic recently, the Republicans believe in accountability or responsibility. Individuals or citizens of the country should be allowed and provided the opportunity to make decisions about what they do, what they believe in and what they do not like, provided that they do not break the existing laws of the country. Whereas the democrats, believe in curbing personal liberty via legislation.

The energy and the environment is another point where there have been major clashes between the two parties, the republicans believe and promote expansion of drilling sites in order to lower the cost for the consumer, democrats on the other hand believe in restricting drilling limits and promote alternative sources of energy so as to protect the environment. On the matter of alternative sources the republicans believe that the international market demand should decide the primary source of energy and which of them is practical to yield.

On tax policies, both the parties believe in tax cuts but it is the where and who that differs. The republicans believe in tax cuts for everyone i.e. corporations and people of all income groups alike. Whereas the democrats think that there should be tax cuts for middle and low income groups, but they should be higher on the wealthy individuals and rich corporations.

Above listed are some of the differences between the two politcal parties of the U.S.A. It should now tell you that the democrats are more progressive in their ideology and the republicans are more conservative in nature. The Presidential elections of the United States of America will be held on 9th November 2016 and the race is very much in the balance between the two candidates.

Priyamvad Rai


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