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Goodbye VHS!

VHS- Stands for Video Home System, the Japanese electronic manufacturer, Funai Electronic Co. has released a statement that it will be putting to an end to its manufacture of Video Cassette Recorder. A source from the company said that the production should end somewhere around the end of this month. Though the company does not want to stop this production due to customer requests, they are compelled to do so as the key component manufacturers of the VCR are pulling out.

Panasonic withdrew from the manufacture of VCRs many years ago which had made Funai Co. the only manufacturer.

The introduction of the VCR had opened up the entertainment business, at the same time affected the TV business as the focus shifted from the cinemas to the home. Along with it came the age of piracy and saw the distribution of illegally collected movies and other entertainment shows. The major market of the VCR was the United States of America, where in a record shows, in the year 2000, when 15 million of the machines were manufactured 70% of the sale was in the U.S.

It dominated the video market till the year 1997, but its run came to an end when the success of DVDs erupted in the market. They were compact, cheaper and easy to use. CDs had already put the floppies and cassettes to shame and now was targetting the videotapes which meant the end of magnetic media.

This decline of the VCR had been present for many years, 5 years ago, the Oxford English Dictionary caused major controversy when it removed the term ‘cassette player’ from its dictionary, probably to make space for more modern idioms and slangs like ‘facepalm.’ (See my article on the Oxford English Dictionary) Though it still flourished and many believe so because the current generation has many of its memories and videos on the VCR format and therefore it did not immediately disappear. Contemporary videos have HD quality which require more bandwith which is simply not possible therefore a revival is completely out of the picture.

It is now time to say goodbye to the video library that so many of us cherish which was something that was used for bragging by many people needlessly. Not only the cassette video library but also the DVD library. The likes of digital files and online services like Netflix are already bringing the era of CDs to an end. They have brought the entire collection from the likes of Tollywood to classical French cinema to the living rooms of the middle class.



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