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Pokemon Go

The mobile gaming industry, recently saw the release of a revolutionary game Pokemon Go. This game has taken the entire world by storm as it experiences a massive positive response from players around the globe.

Pokemon Go is a mobile game that people around the world can download onto their smartphones via their respective application markets of their operating systems. The game is something completely different, it takes the conservative idea of gaming and throws it out of the window. The conservative idea that we are talking about here is the idea that Gaming means people sit in one place hours at a time staring at a computer screen.

The game, involves the user/player/trainer go around his/her city and capture Pokemons (short for Pocket Monsters) of various types like fire, water, grass etc. and ‘catch them all.’ This is the unique thing about Pokemon Go, instead having to sit in one single place and play the game, it compulses you to go out and explore your neighbourhood and your city in search for the Pokemon.

The idea has been well received by the gaming community and the mobile gaming community. In fact, the core aspect of the game has been taken up very seriously. There have been various reports of hundreds of people coming on to the streets in search of Pokemon.

Various stories are being shared on the internet of people coming out of their homes and interacting with strangers and making friends. This might be the first game that actually propogates socializing with people, in reality instead of just interacting over the internet with them.

According to my experience, the game is interesting and will keep you hooked to it if you are a person who has played the original Pokemon game, watched the Anime and are well versed with the mechanics of pokemon statistics and mechanisms. The target audience of the game seem to be this section of the community. But a person like me, who hasn’t played the original game, watched only some of the anime, will find it repetitive after sometime and I am feeling it right now, a week after playing the game.

Speaking of repetitiveness, this game has a major problem. Whether it is a problem or been scripted intentionally, I do not know but there are just too many Pidgeys and Weedles in Vadodara. Either that’s done intentionally or something is wrong.

I would suggest, to improve the game even further and acquire the remaining audience, the one which is not acquainted with the Pokemon universe is to include some kind of an elaborate introduction to the game. It was easy for me to get adjusted to the mechanics on which the game is based because I have some knowledge on the pokemons. But the new generation, which probably hasn’t been exposed to Pokemon might intitially have a hard time adjusting to the game. But it shouldn’t be an issue from a business point of view as the current generation is very well acquainted with the Pokemon universe.

In conclusion, the game is a new experience. Something that has never been tried before, it is worth the data and the storage space on your smartphone and I highly recommend playing this game. I give this game a rating of 8/10. Hopefully I’ll see you in a Pokemon gym loosing to my Charmander!

Priyamvad Rai

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