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FYI, The dictionary got updated

Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED as the Internet likes to call it) updates the meanings of existing words, adds new words to its existing pool of words. These additions have been mainly the various local slangs from countries around the world that do not ever make it out of their local neighborhoods.

In recent years, the OED has been adding words and terms from one of the most influencing sources of information in the world and that is the internet. Every year, terms from the internet make their way to the ‘prestigious OED’ of the English language and have made their mark there. People go OMG every year as the OED bows to the influence of the internet.

The OED itself has its dictionary available on the internet and therefore, it was inevitable that the words of the internet not make it to the dictionary. Maybe it was out of respect that the people at OED decided to include these internet acronyms.

But what this really denotes is the growing influence of the internet, not only over the people but also over various languages across the world. There are many words and terms that have been developed over their usage on the internet. Being an open platform and the anonymity of the people is protected. The internet allows almost a complete free source of information. Whether this is a positive or a negative impact that is a matter of personal view.

This article may not have much importance to many people, but it definitely highlights the growing influence of the internet and also the growing flow of information between the people.

Priyamvad Rai



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