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The Trump Way

The presidential elections in United States of America are due in November. The Republicans have their definite Presidential candidate and that person is Donald Trump. He is on the front lines despite his party not backing him enthusiastically.

Why is a person like Donald Trump in the front for the Republicans? An internal campaign against him has emerged in his own party, what is appealing to the Republican base about him that they have chosen him to lead the country if he were to win in the elections.

Donald Trump has a completely different way to campaigning, hence the title of this article “The Trump Way.” He doesn’t maintain the decorum a presidential candidate is expected to maintain and attacks any topic, no matter how sensitive or important it is without thinking twice about what he will say and the repercussions that his statements could have. He has very extreme radical views, he comments on the ethnic population of the country, talks about banning Muslims, and envisages to “Make America Great Again”  and this is what is exactly appealing to the Republican voters base.

‘Trump has focused his campaign on two things, jobs and racial prejudice.’

Talking about racial prejudice, the most famous example is his idea of ‘banning of all Muslims’ from entering the United States and that existing Muslim population must be closely monitored, mosques and Islamic meetings must be closely watched for ‘suspected terror activities.’ Ask yourself, is this how a person, who is supposed to lead (if he were to win) one of the world’s most advanced and  powerful countries have racial prejudice against the citizens of his own country?

Another idea of his is to build a wall between the United States of America and Mexico, to stop the inflow of illegal immigrants into the country and prevent them from stealing the jobs of the country which belongs to the people of the country. He fails to understand, if a person, group or unit is subjected to more restriction, it will react with more different ways to retaliate. Above all he shouldn’t make it such that the people living in U.S.A. have no competition for employment. If a person, who has left his home country, doesn’t know the language is able to acquire a job that a native of the country isn’t able to, then shame on the Government, not the people. It is the government who has to supply an atmosphere of education and skill development, yes, in the end the people have to do it but if the government doesn’t promote its own people then shame on the government.

Which brings us to the point, Trump must talk about his ideas for improving the human resource of the country, instead he talks about how to make things easier for the people instead of trying to make them excel at what they are supposed to do.

Another thing, on the matter of jobs, Trump wants to bring back all the jobs of the manufacturing sector that have ‘escaped’ to China. But that is all he has shared, there’s no information on how he plans to bring back these jobs? Will he simply ‘want’ the jobs back? No one knows.

But this is what is appealing to the people, they are tired of just listening and Trump’s action oriented speeches,”I will” is what is making him more and more popular among the people. People want to listen to someone who will DO things, and put him into office, whether ‘he will’ really DO those things after reaching office? That’s something we’ll have to wait and watch.


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