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How I ended up here

Never in my dreams had I thought that I would be writing a blog, hell I don’t even know what you write on a blog. But I guess you just have to go with the flow and write whatever comes to your head.

Dad told me about WordPress, at first I didn’t even know what to type, then I found the perfect topic, which was the title of this post. Sitting with my laptop and just making up a story about how I ended up in this place.

Trust me, I don’t know how to write, I get only 7/10 in writing skills in school in English, but then I was always the highest. Don’t expect much interesting stuff from me, I am just a student of arts *cough* humanities *cough* who currently has radical views on religion and politics and can be easily influenced so to all radical groups out there, I invite thee to brainwash me. (I demand good food as the payment for my services to your cause)

Since this is the first post, I won’t type much, hopefully. I’ll even set up a reminder or something to remind me (duh!) to log in and write something. Who logs in anyways? I mean, everyone just clicks the “Stay logged in” check box and I am one of the few unique people who never use that because we are conspiracy theorists who believe that the government opens our account when we are not using it.

Extreme ideas I know, but then you are the one who is reading this, are on this website, reading what many people are thinking and typing. If it weren’t were extreme ideas you would’ve stopped reading this or you will after this or you won’t, seeing the paradox here?

What was the topic? Oh yeah! How I ended up on WordPress. Well I hate writing, but I’ve been told to improve my writing skills so I write some stuff every single day. But my dad told me to write here and this is much better! I don’t have to write! and I can just use the backspace key if I type anythng (pun intended) wrong. As I write this, I am reaching 368 words which I believe is quite a good and for the sake of personal satisfaction, the word counter is a pretty useful thing.

I guess that’s all I am gonna write for my first post, I have limited ideas and don’t wanna use them all up in just the first 418 words. Hopefully I’ll see you all on my next post!


-Priyamvad Rai

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