Though was established on 11th October 2018, it used to exist under a different domain ( and was setup 3 years ago. Many of the articles were posted under that domain name. But with continuous support from readers around the world, was finally registered.

Welcome to my website! There are various things to read and view on my website. Let me guide you through my website with this MuseGuide.

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About (Click here!)


Get to know who is influencing your mind with his articles! This section of the website contains information about me. It also includes contact information which you can use to get in touch with me.

Perspective (Click here!)

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This section of the website contains various articles that have been drafted, edited and published by me. These articles are what lead to the establishment of the original website,; they continue to be an integral part of the website.

You will find articles which portray my opinion about a subject as well as an issue of great importance for the contemporary world. Do go through it and give your opinion about that subject or the article in the comments section at the end of each article. Let me see the product of your ‘musing.’

SnapKey (Click here!)

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It contains some of the snapshots I have taken during my daily life. However, each photograph comes with a key and a tiny description about that key. That description will make you ‘muse’ over that particular topic.

SnapKey will help you think about various things from a different perspective. Sometimes this perspective may either be negative or positive in nature, it depends on your interpretation of the Key.

Do share your interpretations in the comment section!

YouTube Channels

My blog also features two YouTube channels. Details about them are discussed below. If you like what you see then please; like, share and subscribe to the channels and stay updated with the feed! (Click here!)


This is the primary channel of the website.

I post various videos, which according to me should be shared with you. These will again have a hidden meaning in them which you can interpret and discuss with me or other readers of the website!

Excalibur Promised Victory (Click here!)


This is the secondary channel of the website. It is a gaming channel. Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies and I adore it. On this channel, gameplay footage is posted which you can watch purely for entertainment!

It has been developed to give you a break from ‘musing’ over things and watch some fast paced, exciting footage.

Website Donation (Donations are closed)

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The last section of the website is called ‘Website Donation.’

My website receives revenue from the advertisements which run on the page. If you are using any kind of AdBlock, then I request you to whitelist my page. This revenue is essential for keeping this website afloat.

Alternatively, you can also donate to the website through the ‘Website Donation’ section. The site accepts payment in three currencies, ‘Indian Rupee’, ‘United States Dollar’ and ‘Great Britain Pound.’ Your contribution can go a long way in helping this website. Donate for the content you love and contribute to the future ones.

Right now I do not offer additional services for donating to the website, but I plan to do so in the future. Donating right now could help this website a lot. Buy me a drink!

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I hope that you learn something new when you visit my website.

Keep Musing!