Welcome to TheMusing.in! A website with content for you to ‘muse’ over. Initially it was established as my personal blog (i.e. me, Priyamvad Rai) for a couple of years. Majority of the content that you’ll see over here has been authored by me. However, now it has expanded to become a platform for a multitude of writers to publish their work. Each of them has their own unique style of writing which adds to the flavor of this website.

You will get to see articles, short stories, poems and much more in the coming days. Every single piece of literary work is original and the result of constant ‘musing‘ of the writer. We take great pride in the ingenuity of our work. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did in creating them

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Jab tere kadam tharaahat mein uthey, yaad rakh tu, kisike buland haunsle ka thehraav saath hai tere

Playing the Balancing Act

Having put into perspective the relationship which India shares with USA & Iran, it is undeniable that the country is walking on eggshells. It cannot afford to lose either of them as it could put its future at risk.

Bringing the Mercury Down

Read this award winning essay on the topic ‘Mitigating climate change.’ It gives out solutions for climate change in under 350 words.

The Earth is our only home, there is no backup for us to fallback on. Whatever we have is here, on this single planet in this vast universe.

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